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Feast of the Assumption & Independence Day 2020

The Parish Pastoral Council of Our Lady of Grace Church parish celebrated the feast of our Lady of Assumption and Independence Day on the 15th of August 2020 by organizing an online event “Celebrate Freedom”. The Eucharist celebrated by Rev. Joe Rodrigues with the hymns in Indian bhajan style was telecasted on the parish YouTube Channel and the parishioners devoutly participated in it.

As part of the event “Celebrate Freedom”, a Marian Quiz was organized via GMeet on the same day. Six teams had participated in the preliminary rounds held on 13 August 2020 and the qualifying three times participated in the finals on 15th August. The participants had to be well acquainted with the life of Mother Mary from the scriptures; Marian feasts, doctrines related to Mary, Marian apparitions etc.

A Patriotic Singing Contest was organised to encourage patriotism in all of us. Sector wise teams or individuals had to record a video of them singing a patriotic song and send it to the Church office prior to 15th August. A particularly good participation was received from all sectors.

To bring out the creative expression of the students and to gauge their awareness quotient, Poster Making Competition for children in the age group of 5 to 10 years was organised. The theme taken up for the above was “My beautiful India”.

An Essay writing competition was organized for the children in the age group of 11-14 years. The topic for the same was: “Why do I love my country?” and the objective was to address the feeling of patriotism among the children who participated in the event with full zeal and love towards the mother land. In the event, titled Food Graffiti the participants were asked to use the beautiful colours of food items such as pulses, fresh vegetables, fruits etc. to create a patriotic food Art. In Floral Mary, the participants had to use natural garden flowers to decorate the statue of Mother Mary thereby showing our honour to our Heavenly mother on the day she was assumed into Heaven. Pictures of the Food Art and of decorated mother Mary statue had to be sent to Church office. Through the event Slogan shouting, up to 10 members of a sector had to say a slogan that speaks of Mother Mary and Mother India on the occasion of our freedom. All in all, the event saw an amazing enthusiasm and participation from the parishioners of all ages.


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