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A Light in Troubled Times

For the Christians world over light is a symbolism while celebrating Easter. The star is symbolic to the Christian faith during Christmas. A candle is used as a symbol for Easter because the ceremonial lighting of the Paschal candle (white candle) is one of the most solemn moments for the Christian faithful world over as its inscription simply put together means that Christ is the Morning Star that never sets. The candle has the Cross inscribed on it with the Greek alphabets Α and Ω, the current year; to acknowledge the presence of God through the year and the five grains of incense symbolizing the wounds of Jesus Christ. On lighting the candle on the Holy Easter night an Exultet is chanted which says Christ is the Morning Star that never sets.

With the pandemic, going to Church for the Easter vigil was not possible and one might think that must have deemed the enthusiasm of the Catholic community. Or did it? Under the mentorship of the Parish Priest Fr. Joe A. Rodrigues, who led by example and delivered to his flock wonderful messages, during the Triduum via YouTube, a WhatsApp message was posted with a sample candle made by one of the members accompanied with a caption as given below.

A Star at Christmas To The Epiphany, why not then A Candle at Easter to The Pentecost? This quarantined Easter let your light shine before others. Easter to Pentecost challenge! Show off your creativity by depicting our resurrected Jesus as the light of the world. This is how I let His light shine! I now nominate you to make your own.


What started off as a casual WhatsApp conversation by a few parishioners of Our Lady of Grace Church, Margao, about making a candle this Easter using a creative streak, soon gained momentum and many a faithful started posting pictures of their Paschal candles, not of beeswax but with simple craft material.

The campaign showed that uniting in hearts for one cause no matter where you are, is always powerful as uniquely designed Easter Candles were posted on WhatsApp from people not just from Goa but also from as far as Pune, Belgaum, Daman, Dubai and The United Kingdom, in spite of these tough times. It is true what they say, Faith, when explored in the right manner can surpass boundaries and unite people, even from the comforts of their homes.

By Steefni Cruz and Marvin Fernandes


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