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Meet Our Clergy


Parish Priest

Fr Jose´ (Joe) A. Rodrigues

Date of Birth:  1st March
Ordination: 9th May, 1988


Assistant Parish Priest

Fr Angelo D'costa

Date of Birth:  10th October

Ordination: 16th June, 2006

Fr Mario.jpg

Assistant Parish Priest

Fr Mario Noronha

Date of Birth:  7th August
Ordination: 26th April, 2017

Fr Joseph.JPG

Priest on Staff

Fr Joseph A. da Silva

Date of Birth:  3rd March

Ordination: 26th November, 1972

Fr Chrysler.JPG

Assistant Parish Priest

Fr Chrysler Pio D’souza

Date of Birth:  26th May
Ordination: 20th October, 2009

Fr Domnic.JPG

Priest on Staff

Fr Dominic P. D’costa

Date of Birth:  13th September

Ordination: 5th May, 1987

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