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Cells and Associations



Erected by the Bishop, it is granted canonical existence and juridical personality to administer the temporal goods of the Church which includes protection, repairs, renovation & maintenance of church and its properties, manages finances, including maintenance of accounts books, checking items of income and expenditure, getting the accounts  audited, submitting the accounts to the Diocesan Secretariat, etc.

Every 2nd Friday of the Month at 6:30pm

Grace Catechetical Association.jpg

Grace Catechetical Association

The teaching of Christian doctrine is imparted through religious instruction, preparation for the sacraments and animation of prayer. They help the baptised to grow in the fervour of the Christian life.

2nd Sunday of the Month after Catechism

Grace Youth Association.JPG

Grace Youth Association

Grace youth a “Youth with a Difference” - Fr Ciprian Da Silva formed the Grace Youth Association in September, 1984. Their mode of action, group dynamism, shared responsibility, youthfulness, eager to be at service, and above all their enthusiasm and sense of dedication to the task assigned to them are some of the special characteristics which makes them different.

3rd Sunday of the Month at 11:30a.m

Grace Liturgical Committee.jpg

Grace Liturgical Committee

The worship of God in the celebration of the Sacred Liturgy is the most important thing we do as a parish. The function of the Liturgy Committee is to ensure that it is done as well as possible. Here people bring their talents to give glory to God. In some ways the Liturgy Committee is the least precisely defined of our various parish activities. It consists of a basic core of members; the Parish Priest, a chair and some others who meet once a month to plan the various liturgical functions of the year.

Grace Family Cell.jpg

Grace Family Cell

Grace Family Cell was initiated on 24th May, 2015, on the Feast of Pentecost at the 8:00 am Mass under the guidance of Fr Carmo Martins. This cell promotes Christian attitudes, values and actions in individuals as they interact within the families of the parish. This cell has come to meet the needs of families who require spiritual and psychological  support.

4th Friday of the month at 7:00pm

Legion of Mary.jpeg

Legion of Mary

The Legion of Mary is an association of Catholics under the powerful leadership of Mother Mary. Its objective is to glorify God through the sanctification of its members by prayer and active work. Its mission is to save souls. Their work includes Visits to the House, Hospital and Sick, the Clergy Home and the Old Aged Home, Book Stall Service and Special Work.

Every Thursday at 4:30pm

St Vincent de Paul Society.jpg

St Vincent de Paul Society

Aim & Objective: To help needy families regardless of caste, class or creed. Their motive is simply to love God and express their love for him by helping those in need.

Every Tuesday at 6:30pm

World Apostolate of Fatima.jpeg

World Apostolate of Fatima

Promotion of the authentic teaching of the Catholic Church and the strict adherence to the tenets of the Gospel; the personal sanctification of adherents through faithful adherence to the message of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima, Portugal, in 1917, to three little shepherds, Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta.

Last Saturday of the Month after 7:15 am Mass

catholic Charismatic.png

Catholic Charismatic Renewal

To foster the reception and use of the spiritual gifts (Charismatic) not only in the Charismatic Renewal but also in the broader Church. To foster the work of evangelization in the power of the Holy Spirit by proclaiming the Gospel in word and deed, and by bearing witness to Jesus Christ through personal testimony and through those world of faith and justice to which each one is called.

Every Thursday : Konkani - 3:30pm, English - 5:45pm

Couples for Christ.png

Couples for Christ

Couples for Christ is an organized movement intended for the renewal and strengthening of Christian life. It brings together Christian couples who have committed themselves to the Lord and to one another, so that they may grow in maturity as men and women of God and fulfill their primary vocation of raising up their families under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the service of the Kingdom of God.


Neo-Catechumenal Way

The Neocatechumenal Way was opened in our Parish in March 2006, after a period of 2 months of kerygmatic catecheses, at the request of the parish priest Rev. Fr. Cleto Pereira. It is an itinerary of Catholic formation that is implemented in the parish wherein immense and extraordinary riches and responsibilities of one’s own baptism are renewed in stages so as to effect in them a gradual growth and maturation in faith and in the Christian life.

Every Wednesday and Saturday at 6:30pm

Grace Altar Servers.jpg

Grace Altar Servers

Altar Servers are a very special team in our parish. Altar Servers perform an important function in the worthy and dignified celebration of the Liturgy.  Any boy or girl who has made his/her First Holy Communion is welcome to become a server with the permission of their parents or guardians. Altar Servers should be mature enough to understand their responsibilities and to carry them out well and with appropriate reverence.

Every Saturday at 4:00 pm

Women Holding Hands


Small Christian Community is a movement wherein the laity, clergy and religious live and collaborate with each other as brothers and sisters. It is rooted in the Word of God and enlightened by the teachings of the Church. The participants pray, share, discern the plan of God for them and reach out in service for the total transformation of their lives, their neighbourhood and society.

1st Sunday of the Month at 10:30am

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