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Place the Books: Write the names of the Old Testament or New Testament books on pieces of cardboard, having as many sets as may be needed. The cards will be mixed, and the object will be to which person or which group can place all of the books in their right order in the shortest length of time.

Name a Book: A person who volunteers to be in the center has to find a chair for herself/himself by unseating someone. S/He calls out to someone by name and within a second the person must reply with a name of any book in the Bible. Names cannot be repeated and so the leader must take note of it. If the person fails to give a name, the person in the centre will take his seat.

Top Number: Give each person/team a pencil and paper. At a given signal let each one write as many different numbers as s/he can think of that have some Biblical significance. For instance, there are 10 Commandments, 2 Testaments, 27 books in the New Testament, Jesus was betrayed for 30 pieces of silver, and Joseph was sold for 20. You may decide in advance whether you will allow the same number more than once. The person/team that gives the maximum correct numbers is the winner.

Bible Bhel Puri: Write out popular Bible verses on pieces of paper with two or three words on each piece of paper. Each of the participants is given one of the pieces and then at the blow of the whistle the participants sort themselves out and stand in a line to display the verse in order. The group that does it first is declared the winner.

Crossing the Red Sea: The whole group moves in a single file and at one place, a block of 10*4 feet is marked off on the floor with chalk. When the music stops those found in the block are eliminated and the game carries on till there are three players left as winners.


Dust the Table: Relay game. Divide guests into two groups and have them stand in two single lines facing two tables which are the goals. Tables should be placed about twenty feet away, one at the head of each line. Place a chair besides the table and a Bible on the seat of each chair. Lay a dust cloth on the floor near each chair and across the back of each chair lay a folded tablecloth. At the sound of the leader’s whistle the first player in each line must run to the table, pick up the dust cloth and wipe the entire table top. Then he must rush back and give the cloth to the player next in his group, who takes the cloth and runs to the table and dusts it in the same way and so on down the line until it reaches the last player in the line. The last player must not only dust the table, but after throwing the dust cloth on the floor, he must unfold the tablecloth, spread it on the table, take the Bible from the chair and place it on the table and then sit down in the chair and open the Bible to a specific Verse and read it out loud. The group whose last player first accomplishes this is declared the winner.

Stand up, Christian: Everyone knows how the early Christians were persecuted. Divide the players into two equal groups. Each group must form a single line facing a goal. Each group must choose a captain who must sit on the floor at the head of his group about fifteen feet from the first player in his line. Players in the line also sit on the floor with legs crossed. When the leader blows the whistle the first player jumps up, runs forward, gets the captain by the hand and pulls him to his feet as he says, “Stand Up.” The captain remains standing as the first player runs back to the next in line, grabs the player's hand and says, “Stand up.” Then the first player takes his place at the foot of the line as the second player goes forward and shakes the captain’s hand. He then rushes back to the next in line and helps him up and so on down the line until all players are standing. First group to accomplish this is the winning group. Players must not rise from the floor until their hand is touched.

Blind Obstacle Course - Trust Game: This is a fun obstacle course game that involves blindfolds and trust. You’ll need to set up a simple obstacle course using safe objects like cushions, boxes, and soft plastic cones. Divide players into pairs and have one person from each team blindfolded. They must make it through the obstacle course guided only by their partner’s voice. After they finish they switch places with their partner and become the leader. You can place a bible at the end of the obstacle course. When they reach the bible they can remove their blindfold. This is symbolic for God opening your eyes when you follow his word.

Fishing for the Lord: Using a cardboard cut out twelve fish shapes. Write the names of the apostles on the fish shapes. Attach a paper clip to each of the fish shapes. Cut several pieces of string and tie a small magnet to each of the strings. The string should be two or three feet in length. Divide the group into teams. The participants take turns using these strings to fish. The team that catches the most fish at a given time is declared the winner.

A Missing Part: Print scripture verses on individual cards. Make one or more cards for each guest. Cut cards in half. Keep the first half of the cards and pin other parts in various places around the room. When guests have arrived, leader gives out parts of cards to guests and tells them to find the missing parts which are somewhere in the room.

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